About me.

I have worked in the horticultural industry since leaving college in 1997, where I studied Ecosystems, landscapes and countryside management, from there I joined a landscaping and commercial maintenance company.

This was a very important part of my training, working on these larger projects very quickly taught me about trees, shrubs and how they sit in the environment.


After a time the opportunity to change job and work in a garden nursery came my way, I ended up becoming nursery manager, responsible for growing and producing for retail sale 1000’s of plants, these ranged from general bedding plants to a huge array of shrubs, tress and climbers. Herbaceous perennials and their care soon became an area of horticulture I really enjoyed learning about and still do to this day.

Working in the nursery is where my plant knowledge really started, very few gardeners get this real hands on training of so many different plants, also during this period I made some very good contacts in the horticultural world, all knowledge I use to provide the best service for my clients.

While working at the nursery I studied amenity horticulture and garden design.


Eventually I decided to move on from the nursery and set up my own gardening business, this was in 2007, and is still the foundation of what I do today. I have since worked in many gardens, of all different styles and sizes.

Starting my own business gave me the chance to get back into Countryside management, some of the skills I’ve learnt can be applied into domestic gardens, Hedge laying for example, a skill that can be used in in your garden not just in a field environment.

Woodland management is an interest I’ve had for many years, clearing the woodland floor, adding paths, seating areas, thinning out and producing firewood all jobs I have under taken.


All along I was gaining an understanding of what people want from their outdoor space, be it a garden, woodland or even a paddock it can turned in to a place to relax, a plant based space, wildlife friendly habitat or a user friendly woodland.

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